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Six months after first sinking our teeth into this ambitious project, the editors are delighted to report that we have 12 stories completed and currently sat with artists producing thumbnails. One story is complete and waiting for the right artist to jump into the fray, and a further ten are either in progress or being edited. In aiming for a round 25 total, that leaves just two stories presently in the early stages of plotting.

Right now 34 indie contributors are working on ‘To End All Wars’, with a further three artists waiting for their assigned scripts to land. With eight stories unassigned, we are still looking for contributing artists. If interested, please send your expression via our Contacts page. Selected examples of sketches and thumbnails can be found on our Artwork page, which will be continually updated.

Aside from everything else the editors have on their plates, we are now inviting ‘names’ with kudos to contribute a single page illustration on a topic either of their choice or selected from a list of curios we’ve put together. These pages (see Charlie Adlard’s example below) will be complemented or contrasted by a short quotation from a combatant, commentator or from the home front. The double-spread will separate the comics stories, providing a breather or pause for thought. Already onboard are David Kendall, Charlie Adlard, Simon Wyatt and Ben Templesmith. Watch this space as others join us…

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