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After a frantic couple of weeks trying to entice publishers before we were ready with a portfolio of finished sample pages, To End All Wars has decided to hitch its wagon to the small but perfectly formed warhorse of John Anderson’s Soaring Penguin Press. Not only was John quick off the mark and full of enthusiasm, but he has left the editorial side of things firmly in our court. Having seen the excellent job SPP made of Loisel’s incredible Peter Pan, we have every confidence in his high-flying penguins.


The boosts this has given our excellent team of artists and writers have been appreciable. Suddenly there is an urgency and dedication to the work that gives us every confidence we will hit our January 1st deadline with only a few thousand gallons of midnight oil consumed, possibly internally. ‘On the shelves by July 2014!’ has become the new mantra. Now all the editors have to do, before we take a well-earned break at the beginning of September, are the 258 outstanding tasks.

Everybody is aware this is a project that needs to hit the road at the speed of sound, before the public becomes sick of WW1 commemorations, so we have already been in discussion with galleries and festivals with a view to ‘doing something’ and exhibiting the work in 2014. Okay, we still have fingers and toes crossed and are still flying by the seat of our pants, but at least our air lane is now being tracked by a crazy flightless bird some 10,000 miles from its home!


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