We are on the back straight, easing off the editorial pace while the artists catch up and overtake the scribes. Of the 26 stories we have settled on, only two now need completing. We are still looking for a couple more suitable artists and could use a few more letterers, so if there’s anybody out there… Otherwise we are on track for our January 1st completion date and not panicking… much.

In the last month a stack of wonderful thumbnails have come in, confirming that our contributors are working their pinkies to the bone and grey matter into a lather. Given that EVERYBODY is working to the benefit of Médicins Sans Frontières, rather than their own bank balances, we think they all deserve your huge support and gratitude, best expressed by rushing out in July and buying copies of To End All Wars for every peep you know, plus their pets. We would also like to see those more conversant with social media than ourselves to get deep down and gossipy on their behalf.

Meantime, watch this space for more finished pages as they roll off the drawing boards and are spat out of ‘puters.

Finished page from The Iron Dice by Brick.



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