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With our deadline for finished art fast approaching, TEAW HQ is thrilled to find its inbox being flooded with finished art. The diversity and quality of the work we’re seeing is testament to our artists and letterers, especially when you consider that our deadline coincides with some popular religious festival that has something to do with Tesco. We don’t know much about that as we’re busy shepherding the finished pages to their new home at Soaring Penguin Press.

But as this is indeed the season of giving, we are offering a sneak peak at a couple of finished pages from The Bitter Harvest and Bottomley-Brand of Britain.

Page 1
The Bitter Harvest
Story by Steve Earles. Art by Johnny McMonagle with letters by Bolt 01


Bottomley-Brand of Britain
Story by Andrew Luke. Art by Ruairi Coleman. with letters by John Robbins

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