This week saw a press preview for To End All Wars – in The Independent no less. We were fortunate enough to have almost a whole news page devoted to the book in the paper itself, and were placed on the front page of the Independent website. You can read the article at the web link, though of equal interest is the amount of debate it’s encouraged in the comments section that follows it.


As you might expect, opinion is as varied as it is divided, and there is also the odd voice suggesting that comics are ill equipped to depict historical events. The fact that a comic has been given a page in a major newspaper, while rare, certainly suggests otherwise. Sean Michael Wilson, one of our contributors, has argued the point, saying  that writers and artists “are not barred from making useful contributions to history or sociology…because they express them with text AND visuals.”


Thanks to Adam Sherwin of The Independent for the feature and to everyone who’s taken an interest in the book as a result. As ever, we are delighted to share some previews of our own with you from the incredible pool of stories our writers and artists have created.


Live and Let Live
Story by Sean Michael Wilson. Art by Chris Martinez with letters by April Brown


The Final Confession of Madame Macleod
Story by Susan Wallis. Art by Ezequiel Rosingana with letters by Kel Nuttall


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