One of the joy’s that comes from working on a project like TEAW is collaborating with such a wide range of artists and writers. Our contributors work in a variety of creative mediums and the manner in which they choose to express that creativity is fascinating to behold. With that in mind we thought we’d share with you some of the upcoming projects a few of them are working on.

We tip our hats to Jessica Martin, co-artist on Only Remember. She has made it onto the long list for Myriad’s First Graphic Novel Competition with her recent and as you might have guessed, first graphic novel,  Elsie Harris Picture Palace.


Elsie Harris Picture Palace

Elsie Harris Picture Palace

Brick’s latest offering is for the East Midlands’ Dawn of the Unread on-line and app initiative to encourage library use and reading among young people. Essentially a handful of deceased regional literary figures (authors, fictional characters, real personalities etc) are brought back from the dead to strut their stuff in comic form. Brick’s contribution is a personal story about The Long Walk, a book he came across when he was nine and busting to escape his boarding school, and its author, Slavomir Rawicz, who Brick bumped into when Slav was a technician at Nottingham Polytechnic in the Seventies. The comic is interactive and there is a short vid of our contributor talking about his working method, using his roughs for The Iron Dice. Hunt Emerson and Eddie Campbell are slated to contribute stories later in the year.

Links – Dawn of the Unread – http://dawnoftheunread.wordpress.com/

– the comic is interactive – http://www.dawnoftheunread.com/issue02-00.html

– a short vid – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQuz9B0asKg

And just in case you thought it was just comics these fine folk excelled at, Stuart Richards, writer and artist of IL Gatto this week made his stand up comedy debut supporting Frankie Boyle.

We shall keep you updated regarding the many other exciting projects our contributors are involved with over the coming weeks.






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  1. Thanks for this lovely mention guys. Only a month later have I spotted this! Anyway, got as far as the shortlist and that’s a big enough accolade to live up to for now. Look forward to the launch of this awesome opus!

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