Neil McClements –
A self taught artist who lives with his wife and two children in the English Midlands. His work can be found in various books, magazines and comics. Working mainly in a very detailed ink style he is greatly influenced by the great European artists.

Sarah Jones –
Sarah is a London based illustrator, passionate about telling stories through traditional medium. She currently works as a storyboard artist and spends her free time making comics and drinking tea!

Jenny Linn-Cole –
Lives with a couple of cats or three in a council cube in county Kilburn. Her work is featured in several comics anthologies, including The Girly Comic and Cliodhna Lyons’ I can’t come to the phone, I’m busy saving the world.

Shawn Wagner 
An American artist, Shawn became interested in comics after picking them up at his local mini mart then rushing home from school to watch super hero cartoons. He has had a story feature in the Fables of Japan anthology and has drawn the forthcoming one shot Anabolic Chicken Vs Mutant Bull. His proudest moment came at a convention when an older gentleman who turned out to be John Romita Sr. told him how much he liked his work. If only he’d been carrying his camera.

Artists split 1

Brick –
After 30 years as a professional political cartoonist, threw in the towel on trying to combat insanity. Turned to comics creation to save own sanity, producing the critically acclaimed Depresso for fellow travelers.

Steven Martin –
Drew first comic in 1972, for which sentenced to 20 years in the small press sewing such mailbags as Speedo Kitten, Jack Shit, Space Pal Patrol and Monty Kassino – the one legged detective, for which sentenced to work for Trident Comics. Now doesn’t.

Chris ‘Graves’ Martinez –
A former student at the Joe Kubert School, ‘Graves’ has worked as an illustrator for role playing games as well as for comic books and book illustration. Currently he is storyboarding for film and developing creator owned properties. He lives in Chicago with his wife, two cats and several guitars.

Catherine Pape –
Catherine Pape is an illustrator from Suffolk who recently graduated from the University for the Creative Arts in Maidstone. Working in a mix of inks, watercolours and digital media, she is inspired by storytelling, maps, patterns and nature.

Ruairi Coleman 
Ruairi Coleman is a self-taught comic book illustrator from County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Over the past two years he has been making a name for himself in Ireland and the UK, working with small press publishers Atomic Diner, Green Monkey Comics and illustrating Derry based Uproar Comics‘ flagship title, Zombies Hi. His inspirations include Mark Brooks, Joe Madureira and Katsuhiro Otomo.

Robert Brown 
A cartoonist based in Manchester, Robert studied at the University of Gloucestershire where he helped inaugurate the BA Illustration annual Olio. He has been publishing comics and sundry ephemera since 2004, and has contributed strip cartoons to anthologies such as Solipsistic Pop and Paper Tiger Comix. He is currently publishing the comic book series Killjoy, which continues a memoir project first published in the anthology Sea Mouse.

Artists. split 1

Matt Soffe 
Matt Soffe teaches art and draws things for people in a house without right angles that he shares with his girlfriend and two cats. He  has contributed to Aces Weekly, Paragon and Sci-Fi Now as well as working for Rok Comics, Accent UK and Futurequake Press.

Danos Philopoulos 
Danos lives and works in Athens, Greece. His art studies constituted of going through piles of comics and Sunday strips. He has contributed art for comic book anthologies by small press publishers like Grayhaven Comics, DarkOz, Futurequake and 8th Wonder Press.

Todor Hristov 
Todor is a Bulgarian artist with a great passion for the comic medium. He studied in Tsanko Lavrenov high school of Fine Arts until 2010 and is now graduating from the National Art Academy. He has been working as a concept artist for some small independent projects and has completed a few short comics.

Ariela (Rie) Kristantina 
A professional comic artist, who has had several graphic novels published while living in her home land, Ariela hails from Jakarta, Indonesia. Now graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design Sequential Art in Georgia, USA, she is working to pursue her comic career in the States. Thanks to successful Kickstarter funding, she has participated in several independently published graphic anthologies.

Artists split 2

The Pleece Brothers 
Creators of dark, sarcastic comic mag, Velocity, from the late 80s to the mid 90s, Gary and Warren Pleece have made a mark that can’t quite come out of the dish-cloth comics map of Britain. Having also worked for UK and US publishers, Warren as an artist for DC Vertigo comics for many years, they recently combined forces once again to produce the new anthology, The Great Unwashed, as well as the graphic novel, Montague Terrace.

Ezequiel Rosingana 
An Argentine cartoonist, timely born on the last day of 1971, who began his career as an assistant to several artists such as Walther Taborda and Carlos Pedrazzini, producing pencils and digital color for publishers in different countries. Since 2006, his own work has been published in Argentina, Italy and by various independent publishers in the U.S.A.

Borch is a freelance illustrator and artist based in Cantabria (northern Spain). Prior to making his debut in comic books in 2009, he worked primarily as an illustrator for several US and EU publishers and gaming companies. He currently works full time in comic projects.

Kate Houghton 
Although presently working as a scenic artist and muralist to earn a crust, Kate is deeply in love with watercolour and exploring the world through drawing. Illustration work centres on the natural world especially plant structures, which has extended to an ongoing series of drawings of musicians and friends.

John Maybury
A small-press comic artist, John tends to work digitally as he finds the zooming and undo facilities of paper limited. Amongst his work is the absurdist, surreal, naughty Space Babe 113 comic which most recently appeared in The Newspaper Strip Collection Of Oscar Charles Drayton.
Mike Lito –
Born in Spain, he has drawn ever  since he can remember and has always been fascinated by comics and cartoons. He has a penchant for using traditional fountain pens and inks as opposed to digital media. He is currently working on illustrations for role playing books due for release in the USA and his web comic El Pedunculo.

Jessica Martin 
An emerging graphic novelist, Jessica has been a professional musical theatre actress for many years and has recently turned her storytelling skills to writing and illustrating comics. Her main area of interest is film history and stories with a strong female protagonist. Jessica’s first mini comic It Girl based on the life of Clara Bow, was self published last year and was selected as one of the “Ten Must Own Comics of 2013” by Broken Frontier Press. She is currently working on her first full length graphic novel Elsie Harris Picture Palace about a young girl working in the film industry of the Thirties.

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