Jonathan Clode – co-editor
Beguiled by comics in his infancy, young Clode took to writing them once he was sure he’d grown up. He has written the one shot Anabolic Chicken Vs Mutant Bull, contributed stories to the second issue of the Outré Anthology, Haiyan Benefit Anthology the Beyond Bullying comics collection and will feature in the Pearl Jam inspired No (Comics) Code Anthology. He also has a penchant for basketball and flannel shirts. He has never edited anything before, but luckily he seems to rather like being consumed by huge amounts of work.


Attachment-1 John Stuart Clark – co-editor
Under the guise of Brick, JSC has been drawing political cartoons professionally since the late 1970s. He has two adventure travel books, two cartoon compilations, a radio play and numerous educational and agitprop comics under his belt, not to mention over a hundred articles written from the saddle of his rather large bicycle. He briefly edited a cycling magazine and a series of children’s rights comics for UNICEF, and recently had surprising success with his graphic memoir, ‘Depresso: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Being Bonkers’. In short, he knows stuff, but not about the First World War… until very recently.

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